8 Tools To Rock Your Affiliate Marketing Program Without Breaking A Sweat

8 Tools To Rock Your Affiliate Marketing Program Without Breaking A Sweat

Do you know almost 90% of startups fail within one year in the US? Bummer but why do you think that is? The primary reason is they never get the answer to a common question “what’s the best way to learn more about entrepreneurship?”.

This isn’t to scare you because the good news is the failure rates have reduced by 30% since the 1990s. Needless to say, the credit goes to all the technical help we have around us. Not only has it made the business processes easier but has helped the most to market the product more easily. Just like affiliate marketing which is being used by every 8 out of 10 brands.

Talking about affiliate marketing, what exactly is it though? To put it simply, it’s a performance-based marketing practice in which affiliates promote affiliate links to the company website, and on every action or sale, they get a small commission as a reward from the company. It’s so good that about 16% of total eCommerce sales come from affiliate marketing both in the US and Canada.

30 million startups in the US alone, what is the way to stand out as the best? All you need is a good marketing strategy and a good affiliate marketing tools accessibility. By good tool what we mean is something that could handle your program, affiliates, track sales, and suggest changes for better results.

Look no further because we have the 8 best tools that will simplify affiliate program management and get the competitive edge you have been seeking all this time. Let’s begin.

The Power of Affiliate

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Tool 1: SEMRush

Starting with one of the finest tools you can ever find to keep a track of your SEO, social media, and content marketing, we have SEMRush. This tool is worth going for because of its advertising toolkit that may look pretty overwhelming at first glance but, indeed, is easy to use.

For every step you take in managing or even starting your marketing campaign, be it affiliate, you must know what your competitors are doing. That’s where SEMRush comes in because this one is an absolute favorite for companies who are always curious to track the movement of the market.

If you are clueless about SEO and how to use it for your marketing, SEMRush has your back. This literally shows you what it’s like to drive traffic through valuable content. Besides, you’ll have all the on-page SEO issues figured out in no time. That and many more things like press mentions, keyword ranking, competitive performance will have a high ROI making affiliate marketing a golden opportunity for your business.

Tool 2: WordPress and Plugins

Everyone involved in an affiliate marketing business must have a website irrespective of what their position is in this whole system. Yup, it’s true affiliates must have a website even if they are too good with the social media marketing or influential marketing thing. They still need a website where they can write reviews about the product they are selling.

Similarly, having a business website is equally important for the company where they will launch the affiliate program for the best affiliates to come up and apply. True there are plenty of other sources to get your website but we recommend WordPress because it is unbeatable. One of the best reasons is that you can have amazing plugins to make your website more powerful than ever.

Talking about plugins, you must look for the ones that are easy to use, give you real-time analysis, come at flexible prices, and have a dedicated dashboard. To name a few, Affiliate manager, Post affiliate pro, and Affiliates are some of the plugins that you can rely on for your successful affiliate marketing programs.


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Wordpress plugins for Affiliate Marketing

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Tool 3: Voluum

Ask the experts and they will tell you how good the Voluum is. It totally deserves to be on this list. Are we exaggerating? Not really because Voluum’s ad tracking system is meant specially for affiliate marketing companies.

First of all, Voluum can manage your affiliate program with minimal effort from your end. Starting with an advertising campaign then goes finding the best affiliate for your program based on their records, and, not to mention, all the insights it gives you about conversions.

The best thing about Voluum is that you don’t have to rely on cookie-based tracking because this tool shows serve-to-serve postbacks that help you track conversions using data. Once you get the information of what affiliate is bringing in the best sales, you know who is the fit for your brand for the next affiliate recruitment.

Tool 4: Easy Affiliate

Do you have an eCommerce website and want to easily track affiliate marketing? Have an Easy Affiliate plugin on your dashboard. Easy Affiliate is an all-in-one software that makes your entire affiliate program management super easy.

Easy Affiliate is undoubtedly the most powerful, simple, complete, and secure affiliate management tool that handles all the hefty jobs that often scare you. With Easy Affiliate, you can easily launch your affiliate program in a blink and keep a track of how many conversions each affiliate is bringing in.

There are many tools like Easy Affiliate in marketing but what sets it apart from the rest is its security. This one is known to prevent all kinds of affiliate frauds like commission theft. Besides that, its smart fraud detection system automatically shows red flags whenever suspicious activities take place. Not to mention, you get to pay your affiliates with a single click via PayPal and you are not charged extra for that too.

EasyAffiliate is a pretty cool tool to have on your website dashboard to help you save your time, efforts, and money. Get the smooth flow of your affiliate program.

Tool 5: Pretty Links

Answer this, how many times have you faced the difficulty to manage long affiliate links? Pretty Links can be your best ally. While we are on plugin needs, it would be unfair not to mention Pretty Links which is like the best tool for affiliate marketing.

What is Pretty Link anyway and how is it helpful? Pretty Link actually saves all your long affiliate links in short and easy-to-find ways right on your WordPress dashboard. That’s how it makes your links “Pretty”.

It can be hard to understand server-side redirects but not anymore and it’s all because of this awesome tool. It does not just simplify these redirects but, in fact, helps your brand and advertise more efficiently. Also, it is there to monitor all the affiliate links for you and let you know how effective your strategies are working out.

Never knew a tool can save so much of your time and efforts to work with tangled-up links.

Tool 6: Keyword Planner

Keywords play an important role in marketing your product at its best. Having a keyword list is like the first thing to have on your to-do list when you think about starting an affiliate program on your business website. Don’t you want the right affiliates to come and join the mission with you? This is what the keyword does for you.

Just Google ‘Best Keyword Tools’ and you will come across tons of results. However, right on top, there is Google Keyword Planner which is the first love of marketers no matter what industry they are from. The reason is, you can easily find the monthly volume of a specific keyword, its cost, competition, and whatnot.

For total beginners, Keyword Planner is no less than a jackpot where you can find a keyword list for free. Not just that, you can find keyword-related data and surface-level details with 100% accuracy to what you are searching for. Moreover, this is a great research platform, to rank your program and products, that you can access along with some exciting features.

Tool 7: Ubersuggest

While we are on the keyword research platforms, it’s hard not to mention Ubersuggest. This tool is simply the best creation by the Marketing Guru Neil Patel who did his best to make keywords and ranking easy for the user. Indeed, it’s a great platform to help you promote your offers and advertisements by going for thorough keyword research with just a click.

Why do we suggest Ubersuggest when we have Google Keyword Planner for keyword research? Glad you ask. There is not much difference between the two but Ubersuggest helps you stand out of the competition and rank higher on every campaign you start.

Whether it is for the SEO or your PCP project requirements, this tool is here with every necessary keyword you need along with the competition, trends, and volume of each unit. Know what people are searching for and attract affiliates to your affiliate programs with fine keyword research.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

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Tool 8: Mailchimp

Moving on, what is one of the most important things you cannot ignore while stepping into digital marketing? It’s the traditional email marketing which is like the roots of anything you go for. So, as we are ending this list, our final suggestion would be to have a reliable email marketing tool for your affiliate marketing, hence, Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has been around for like 20+ years and since it has come into the market, there are unnumbered marketers who have seen success rates go up. In fact, this is one tool both marketers, as well as businesses, must have.

Just think about it, don’t you want to keep a track of how affiliates are working on your promotion program? These marketing tools do exactly that by sending you, affiliates, and customer email notifications on every sale and conversion.


To Sum Up

Having a million-dollar budget to move ahead of competitors is ancient history. Now is the time when all you need is to invest a few bucks and outsource the marketing jobs. That’s what affiliate marketing does for you.

It can be exciting but with a bunch of affiliate marketing tools, you can work more effectively. So, the next time you see glitches in your affiliate marketing management, go with this list and find a solution to almost every problem you face.


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