5 Top Sales Analytics Tools To Make Sales Reporting Easier For Your Team

5 Top Sales Analytics Tools To Makes Sales Reporting Easier For Your Team

The king of sales, Jeffrey Gitomer has righty said, “Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.”

We agree, as a sales representative, executive, or sales manager, a lot depends on your attitude towards selling. However, we’d want to modify the statement slightly. “Quality performance starts with a positive attitude and an informed mind.”

Quite frankly, you could be the most optimistic person in the room, trying to woo your customers with your positivity but in all likelihood, you’ll not make a sale if you don’t know the room. Understanding your customers, and understanding how to make a sale to them, needs insights–that you’d only get if you and your team understand the value of effective sales reporting.

We’ve already spent some time establishing how important sales reporting is for your team. Not just that, we also covered all the techniques, metrics, and types of reports that you need to consider in your sales reporting and analysis procedures.

That being said, we also understand that taking care of so many metrics and analyzing so many reports could easily become a nightmare, if not dealt with strategically. So, to make the task easier for you and your team, we’ve shortlisted tools that can be your sales reporting and analytics partners.

Before we get to our handpicked list, let’s quickly talk about why you’d need such tools in the first place.


What are Sales Analytics Tools and why should you go for them?

Sales analytics tools help you record and digest data such that you’re able to derive valuable insights from it. It basically helps you take into account all the sales metrics you want to measure in your sales pipeline, customer journey, and more, and then use it to generate reports and insights that can help you grow.

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Needless to say, using a tool not only helps you get a more accurate data analysis but also help you get sales forecasts easily. This in turn helps you make better sales decisions, faster.rIn any business, you can collect sales data, record different metrics, then study and analyze them to understand your processes, products, and customers better. However, doing it manually not only takes a lot of time and effort but also leaves a lot of scope for human error. A tool takes away that and makes your sales team more productive and efficient, sans the hassles.

When it comes to choosing a tool, there are 6 key features that you should always look for:


  • Centralized data management
  • Easy Collaboration
  • Data Visualization
  • Easy Reporting and Dashboard Creation
  • Automated Integration
  • Pipeline management

Keeping this in mind, we’ve shortlisted 5 tools we think can deliver you exceptional sales analysis and boost your growth.


Best tools for sales analysis in 2022


Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot Sales Hub is an enterprise-level solution that fits all sales needs, including sales analysis. It is an all-encompassing solution that allows you to manage your pipeline, record customer analysis, and generate insights, without too many complicated procedures. It is very intuitive, so every member of your sales team, whether or not they’re tech-savvy would be able to use it, without facing any major challenges.

Hubspot sales hub

Source: Hubspot

It has inbuilt systems to track deal forecasts, sales performance reports, and productivity logs–and a lot more. If you’re looking for a complete sales solution that also has analytics, then Hubspot Sales Hub would be a good choice. However, comes at a steep price that many businesses cannot afford. Given that it is an end-to-end solution, it comes with too many add-on costs for features that you may not even require.


Engage CRM Pro

While it is easy to find all-encompassing tools that work with enterprises, startups, SMEs and have innumerable features and add-ons for you to advance your sales, they can easily burn a hole in your pocket. Not to mention the added complexity and learning that comes with these. More often than not, you’d find that sales analytics can be done without added complications and fancy value-adds.

Engage CRM Pro

That’s where Engage CRM Pro comes into the picture. As a dedicated tool for SMBs and distributors, Engage CRM Pro brings to you the depth and efficiency of market standard tools, at affordable costs. It allows Funnel and Pipeline Management, Transactional Sales Analysis, Territory Coverage Tracking, Upselling Opportunities Forecasts in a straightforward, easy-to-use tool. If you’re looking for a solution for a growing business, this is what you should go for. That being said, don’t underestimate EngageCRM pro as a sub-par tool. Even though it comes at a marginally low cost than all the rest mentioned here, EngageCRM has every sales analytics capability that you are looking for. In fact, it even has advanced analytics capabilities that use P.A,R.D. and artificial intelligence. Using those, you can not only get ad-hoc reporting and analysis but also predictive insights to improve your sales processes.


Freshworks CRM

Yet another all-encompassing tool, Freshworks CRM has sales analytics as one of its key modules wherein it offers comprehensive sales analytics functionality that helps you monitor campaigns, teams, and salespersons. Freshworks CRM stands out for its visualization which is neat and straightforward.

FreshWorks CRM

It automatically provides trends analysis, deal reports, and more to allow you to get straight to the decision-making and growth. However, customers do face challenges in dealing with large data sets on FreshworksCRM. In fact, while the tool aces visualization, it can become tedious while handling advanced analytics.


Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a dedicated analytics tool, that lets you record, clean, analyze and interpret all your business data, including sales. Zoho Analytics is for teams that want to dive into advanced sales analytics and get a more accurate, reliable, and predictive analysis of their customer and sales information.

Zoho Analytics

We chose Zoho in this list because it caters to one of the major challenges of sales reporting, or any business-related reporting–collating data. As an organization, you may be using Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and more to drive sales. That means you need data from all of these sources in one place to carry out an effective analysis. This is what Zoho does best. It extracts all the data and then merges it to produce cross-platform reports that help you get a complete view of your sales processes. Our only complaint with Zoho is that it comes heavily on the pocket especially for a tool that is only for analytics and not for comprehensive sales management like EngageCRM Pro or Hubspot. That means you have to invest separately for a tool to manage your sales pipeline which is an added cost.


Power BI

Microsoft’s analytical tool, Power BI helps you analyze and visualize business data in large amounts, rapidly and precisely. As one of the most powerful analytics tools, Power BI uses advanced analytics to help you understand the shortcomings of your processes and take informed corrective measures. With AI-driven and real-time analytics, Power BI helps you know your business’s performance at scale.

Power BI

Source: Power BI

That being said, Power BI not only has all the latest analytics technology to offer, it also takes care of the sales analysis basics. From refining data to show you the business-wide bigger picture to individual performance analysis of each of your salespersons, Power BI offers the complete package. However, much like Zoho Analytics, Power BI is an analytical tool, not specifically designed for sales. It pretty much works with any sort of data, so you may not find it as relevant to your sales requirements at times.


Our Pick– EngageCRM Pro

Before you blindly follow our suggestion, let us state that every business has its own requirements. So, always trust your judgment in choosing what’s best for you. However, that being said, if you ask us our personal favorite, we’d have to go for EngageCRM pro.

While Hubspot Sales Hub and Freshworks CRM are indeed established tools in the market and provide you with comprehensive features, the cost is our primary concern with them. Quite frankly, we are yet to find any major features that are there in these tools and not in EngageCRM Pro and at about 50%. Similarly, when it comes to Power BI and Zoho Analytics, the cost is higher than EngageCRM Pro and they don’t even offer any funnel management capabilities. EngageCRM Pro gives you BI and AI-driven analysis along with CRM features, at an affordable price–that’s the kind of deal we like.

If you ask us, they were probably thinking like the Godfather while building the tool, and we’re totally sold on it.


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