Social Media Marketing Pro-Tips For Any Platform

Social Media Marketing Pro-Tips For Any Platform

Are you tired of posting content on social media and not getting enough likes, views, shares, and responses? You can keep going on with that but there are some social media marketing pro tips to fix it and become one of the leaders in the industry.

Yes, there are some killer benefits of using social media but that only comes true when the idea is well executed. As a social media manager, it is a bumpy ride to reach the point where you convert your large audience into customers through an accurate social media post. However, no matter how long you have to give your best to connect with your people, there is always something that stops your post to interact with expected results.

Almost 82% of Americans use social media platforms which is 4 times more than what it was 10 years ago. Time has changed and so are the strategies behind using social media platforms. That’s why you need to upgrade your skills with a few shortcuts.

So, here are some social media marketing pro tips for you to become ace your game! Oh, and by the way, these work for every social media platform.

7 Success Factors of Social Business Strategy

Source: Martech Zone

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Tip 1: Specific strategy always wins

Everything begins with a fine strategy. However, do you know Facebook doesn’t like their audience leaving their platform? Therefore, taking your followers to your website from Facebook wouldn’t be as effective as you might expect.

Running business accounts on all the social media platforms and having the same strategies for all of them may leave your impression on a mediocre level. Kid you not, you don’t want to do a mediocre job on these platforms. Needless to say, every social media platform prefers different strategies if you are seeking long-term growth. The key is to understand the algorithm of each of them and come up with a clear vision and mission with your critical thinking and creative skills.

While planning, Don’t forget to ask yourself:

  • What are your goals?
  • Who is your competition?
  • Who is your target audience?

Answer these questions and the algorithm of each social media platform will define your specific strategy.

Tip 2: Consistency is key

Once you have the strategy ready, the hard part begins – consistency. For some social media managers, it is often hard to maintain the consistency of time or have the same expression, voice, or tone on their posts. Sometimes, it is about the consistency of formality, consistent introduction, consistent segment, and the list goes on and on. However, being consistent can make your brand 20% more worthy than your inconsistent competitors.

What you can do is:

  • Create a plan beforehand to know what you will be posting at what time. This plan must also include the script, captions, and copies you will use.
  • If the consistency seems hard to go with, you can take help from different social media marketing tools.
  • In case you are out of ideas about what to post, ask directly to your audience or check out what they comment or text you. This will let you know what exactly they are expecting from you.

These ideas are there to make you stay consistent but you shouldn’t take your business-social media relationship for granted. Also, when it comes to staying consistent, make follow-up count so that you can come up with quality content the next time you post.

Reasons to Focus on Brand Consistency

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Tip 3: Video is your best ally

Why do videos often go viral than photos? Viewers understand about 95% of messages through videos. Why not send your message using visuals? That’s the reason why videos are the perfect choice for your social media posts. Take it from 91% of marketers who find ROI from social media marketing much more satisfying.

The question is, why videos? This media provides engagement, flexibility, and a value-added format that is easy to share and watch. Your customers are looking for video content because they find it more entertaining. No wonder, HubSpot’s research results show, why 72% of customers prefer video marketing rather than reading about new launches or upgrades.

Think about it, through videos, you can easily explain valuable information to your audience and that could go viral in no time. If you consider this, don’t forget to go live more often because that can be 6 times more engaging when it comes to following social media algorithms, especially Facebook.

Video is your best ally

Source: Forbes

Tip 4: Messaging is the focus

Customer research is the foundation of every marketing strategy. Agree? Needless to say, you should use that information for your social media posts as well. In other words, information about demographics, language, location, and more all have to do a lot about your posts.

If you have all the relevant information in your hand, you can literally come up with nice quality content to share on social media. Something your audience can relate to as they get to the message behind the post.

About 81% of Instagram users use the platform for product and services research. Now, imagine if you do not have a clear target on your latest post, do you think your potential users would trust your brand? Maybe not. You know what to do to prevent that.

Tip 5: Trending content is a big opportunity

As digital communities are growing with more vibrant and impactful experiences, they are influencing our daily lives. Established brands take help from paid resources to grow their reach or they have been working hard for a long time to leave a mark in the industry. The good news is, you can leave that aside and still do great for your content on social media platforms. All thanks to the trends.

If we look at the year 2020 reports, the demand for TikTok has increased by over 173%, whereas Instagram Reels has gained 22% more growth. All this has happened because of the trendy content on these platforms because people want to see more of these posts.

So, don’t be shy to hop on board with the ongoing trend on the internet because audiences want more of those Reels, posts, stories, and music on their social media platforms. In fact, you can be more creative and mold the trend to present your message behind the brand or a product. Also, if you are wondering how to keep up with the trending content, check out our latest article on ways to keep up with social media trends.

trending content

Tip 6: Only the measured, improves

No matter how creative you get, what trend you follow, or how unique your content is, if you don’t look at the data and analyze it, you will not see good results. There is a reason why Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even YouTube show you a detailed report with graphs and all of how your posts are performing.

Finding and analyzing the performance insights are crucial for your campaign impact, sharing voice, identifying cracks, and detecting better opportunities.

While looking at the reports, ask yourself:

  • Is reaction anywhere close to what you expected?
  • How are these different from competitors?
  • What can you do to attract better reactions?

Fix a time to measure likes, tweets, share, view, engagements, and more and analyze them after equal intervals, say weekly, monthly, quarterly. Proper analysis will help you make better changes to your overall social media strategy.

Tip 7: A/B testing works wonders

When it comes to analysis, it’s better to test a few things here and there for a better understanding of your viewer’s response. A/B testing, aka Split Testing, is often recognized as a common thing for marketers who use this strategy to find suitable headlines for their email marketing. Why not apply the same thing on social media?

Testing a bunch of things goes a long way, which is why you would need to go through many tests to apply the most responsive element in your social media posts.

Let’s go with an example, suppose you are planning to score on Twitter. You would first see what wins between video and photo tweets. If the followers respond better on video tweets, your next test would be to identify the ideal video tweet like short, long, animated, action, voice, or music. This test goes on and on until you find a perfect go-to post type.

This test works differently on various platforms. For instance, the Twitter strategy wouldn’t work on LinkedIn and Facebook. So, it’s better to test headings, content type, caption, and more for better results.

a/b testing

Tip 8: Humanize your brand

Sure, internet reach has made it easier for brands to interact with a customer who is living on the other side of the planet. Sharing the features of a product on social media isn’t enough to attract them. Evoking emotions is the need of the hour. People love to connect with someone who connects with them on a personal level. So, when it is said ‘be human’ your job is to show your customers who is behind the face of the brand.

This is what you can do to show the human side of your brand.

  • Begin with defining the thin line between professional and personal information to share.
  • Your audience wants to know what happens behind those company walls. Show them the real BTS (behind the scenes).
  • Be humorous.
  • Define a tone and voice to use and stick to it.
  • Bring out a storyline your brand flows in.
  • Show your team behind all the productivity.
  • React to your customers as a human, not so much as an organization.
  • Don’t be an obvious marketer. Use more of ‘me’ and ‘you’ language instead of any third-party voice.

In case you are in search of a few ideas, you can post about what your employees do in their team-building hours, how your products are made by diligent workers, or what your real customer says about your services.

Types of Content for social media platforms

Tip 9: Engage with your audience

How many times have you come across those giveaway posts on Instagram? Do you think it’s all about gaining more followers and tags? Maybe but that’s not all. This is one of the trendy strategies brands and even influencers use to engage with the audience. These strategies are used on the basis of metrics and data analysis so that more users will interact with their brands.

Giveaway is one way of doing that and, to be honest, this doesn’t suit every brand type. So, what’s there on your plate?

  • You can create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) using your posts and telling people how your product would change their lives.
  • Ending up every post caption with a question so that your readers would come up with a dialogue to start a conversation.
  • Being creative, witty, and funny to which your audience can relate to and react like a human.
  • Go beyond your regular feeds and pay attention to reply to your audience on direct messages, comments, and stories.
  • Collaborate with other brands or influencers for building better connections with your audience.

Do you see the point? These are a few simple gestures that make you become a friend to your audience and not some formal company posting regularly on social media.


Summing it up

Algorithms are changing, priorities are changing, trends are changing, so why stick to outdated strategies? You need to be extra to bring out extra from your social media profiles. So, try out these social media marketing pro tips and see the magic it creates for your customer reach.

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