5 Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Try In 2023

5 Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Try In 2023

With so many prominent social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest that are now being extensively used to market and promote businesses, the work of Social Media Managers and Marketers has increased exponentially.

From creating and designing to editing, scheduling, tracking analytics, and account insights, the number of tasks they are required to perform is never-ending.

Now as nerve-wracking, mind-boggling, and overwhelming as this may seem when you envision it, honestly, it’s not all that crazy, after all. Thanks to a host of free as well as paid tools available online which help you, the Social Media Managers, to create magic without losing your sanity or even cashing out on your budget.

The right tools can save you tonnes of time which you would have otherwise wasted on the endless back and forth of posting, engaging, tracking insights, and all that being a social media manager demands.

So to help you pick the right tools for your business, we have curated a list of must-have and best social media marketing tools in no particular order, that will make your work easy.

However, before we get on to our list of top tools, let’s introduce you to what these tools are.


What are Social Media Marketing Tools?

Social media marketing tools are non-negotiable when it comes to managing social accounts as a Manager. They make it so easy for you to handle social media platforms in their entirety.

Workflows can be easily streamlined by the users when using these platforms, data can be collected, performance can be tracked and what not.

These tools also help in assisting with creating the right piece of content and publishing it online. Various tools even operate your work without costing you a single buck.

If you’re wondering whether you really need another tool to depend on – the answer is yes and here’s why.

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Social Media Marketing Tools

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Why do you need these tools?


1. Save a lot of time

Many social media scheduling tools allow you to plan, draft and schedule an entire month’s content in a single go. This helps you stay consistent with the content that goes out online and makes every day of your month hassle-free.

2. Streamline your processes

They automate and streamline the boring backend process and all the manual activities of your job so you can continue to channelize your creativity in creating magic online.

3. Build a community

Social media tools assist you in tracking your insights and engagement can help you monitor your audience’s wants and needs, hence, providing them with the value they are there for. This accuracy builds a loyal audience online which trusts you.

4. Keep you on top of your content game

They help you stay in excess of topics and ideas to curate content around so you never have to struggle to make that one post just so you don’t mess up the schedule. Not only this, but they also keep you up-to-date with the most trending and hot topics in your industry and a lot more!

Now that you’re convinced that social media marketing tools are a great asset to have, here are the top 5 you can pick from.


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Top Social Media Marketing Tools for 2023



There are plenty of social media scheduling tools but Buffer never fails to impress with its wide breadth of functionality.

The moment you set up the Buffer plugin in your browser and enables you to link to multiple social media accounts for scheduling content at customized dates and timings.

It is an intuitive, streamlined social media marketing platform and is trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on their social media channels.

Buffer Home

Source: Buffer

Rival IQ

Regularly keeping up on social insights is tedious and time-consuming and creating digs through tabs and pulling specific reports is not possible in circumstances when you are already occupied so much more in your business. You have meetings to attend and content to create. Rival IQ pulls engagement metrics into a single dashboard for you to take one big task off your plate – monitoring your social media performance.

It also compares your social engagement rates as well as your best-performing content with your direct competitors.

With this life-saving tool, you can save a lot of your time by just picking up your social network and instantly getting a comparison report on how you have been performing.

Rival IQ Home

Source: Rival IQ


Not your regular social media marketing tool, BuzzSumo is hands-down the best tool for Influencer Marketing and its second-to-none analytics function can accurately determine what content, influencers, keywords, and topics are trending in the industry.

It is widely loved by users who not only appreciate the influencer tracking functions repeatedly but also find the competitor analysis and trends section super useful.

BuzzSumo Home

Source: BuzzSumo


SocialPilot is an analytics tool with a friendly interface and affordable pricing, offers all the necessary post-management and monitoring tools for your social accounts.

It can curate and suggest content from several industries, and at the same time optimizes post times accordingly with a queue for each. It is one of the best tools out there to track social media analytics and hence provide your audience the best experience in the future.

SocialPilot Home

Source: SocialPilot


One of the most promising ways to never run out of ideas to curate content is to just scroll through Twitter.

It not only keeps you updated with the latest happenings but also makes your work a lot easier as a Social Media Manager. TweetDeck lets you create a more customized Twitter interface to monitor different users, hashtags, search terms, and lists. From the first panel, you can look at Twitter content from the groups you want — whether that’s customers, competitors, or employees.

Now that we are at the end of our top picks for you, hear us out for a little more time.

Tweetdeck Home

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In the end

Social media marketing tools come in all shapes and sizes, and what suits you best depends on your social media goals and needs. Please note that this list has merely been able to scratch the surface of the entire solar system of social media marketing tools available online.

There isn’t the best tool for your business but the best fit. You need to figure out if the tool is optimized for the purpose you really want to use it for and then make an informed decision.

Not all tools are relevant. The tool that compliments yours as well as your client’s business perfectly, should be your go-to.

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