Struggling with Lead Generation? How to Up Your Lead Generation Game.

Struggling with Lead Generation? How to Up Your Lead Generation Game.

Did you know that only 1 in every 10 marketer feels that their lead generation campaign and strategies are being successful? We’re not kidding. When you talk about the basics of lead generation, it may come across as pretty straightforward. However, when you actually execute all the marketing mantras that you find on Google, lead generation could easily make you pull your hair.

Don’t fret! While there’s no denying the fact that lead generation is not a cakewalk, it’s not rocket science either. In one of our previous articles, we covered the tried and tested techniques for getting more leads.

However, there’s more to the story. In this article, we’re going to tell you some white-hat tricks and tips that will further strengthen your lead generation efforts to make them more successful.

Tips and Tricks for Lead Generation

Use the right lead generation tools

All your lead generation efforts may end up as money and efforts down the drain if you are not able to track them. While most of the times, you’d be busy investing in email marketing tools, retargeting tools, etc, make sure that you also invest in tools that help you know how well your campaigns are performing. For instance, setting up a Google Analytics for your website as soon as it is up and running is a must. That way you know where your leads are coming from and you can invest in the right channels. Additionally, tools like Hubspot are also extremely helpful in lead generation.

Google Analytics Interface

Keep an eye on your competitors

There’s an old saying to keep your friends close and enemies closer. Same is the case with businesses. You need to keep a close eye on your competitors. Did your competitor launch a new product or add a new webpage to their website?

You need toknow how well their recent ads are performing or what was the latest email they sent to their leads. These not only help you in preparing better campaigns but also give you great tips for lead generation that are working on your audience.

Create amazing offers for all different stages of the buying cycle

Nurturing a lead is not very different from nurturing a plant. You’ve got to regularly water it, for it to bear fruits. More often than not, businesses tend to exhaust their lead generation efforts on the first stage of getting the lead. While you’d have an amazing ad attracting the lead to buy a free eBook, you completely forget about them after they’ve taken the book. Instead, you need to engage them with a lead nurturing email campaign for them to become a paying customer for your brand and not just for one-time eBook purchase.

Link your CTA to a dedicated landing page

We’ve said it often that landing page is the most crucial component of your lead generation efforts. A strong landing page copy is the only way your interested prospect gets convinced to share their information and therefore becomes a lead. However, you cannot just link them to your website homepage. While it may work for some of the lead generation campaigns, more often than not, you need to prepare a dedicated page that matches the copy of all the other campaign collaterals that you’re sharing. Your email copy or your ad copy cannot be starkly different from your landing page.

Call-To-Action For Lead Generation

Get your sales team involved

Every lead that you get in goes into the sales funnel, for them to pursue. So, it’s imperative that they’re involved in the lead generation process, especially when it comes to knowing whether your lead generation is actually producing valuable results. Let us elaborate– imagine you got 100 leads but only 10 of them were useful or converted into paying customers. On the other hand, you got 50 leads but 15 of them converted, what’s more beneficial? The latter one, right? You get all this information from your sales team. Only they can help you judge the quality of your lead and correct your campaigns accordingly.

Focus on quality over quantity

As an offshoot of the previous pointer, never fall for flat numbers. You cannot be happy with a lead generation campaign just by seeing how many people landed on your landing page or how many leads you got. You need to score your leads to know whether the people landing on your page are actually interested in your brand. To gauge the quality of the leads, you should focus on your conversion rates. How many people out of those who landed on the page actually filled the form? How many leads that your campaign generated turned into paying customers? That’s where you judge the quality.

Use social media strategically

In today’s day and age, there’s nothing more powerful than social media. One viral tweet and boom you’ve got 50 leads in your pocket. Yes, that’s how important social media is now. So, every campaign that you work on always leverages social media for it. That being said, be strategic with it. For instance, post your blog articles to get traffic to your website or landing pages. Build an audience on Instagram and Facebook as they become your loyal and engaged following, which can be converted into highly qualified and targeted leads. All said and done, don’t always keep promoting your brand on these channels. Keep a healthy mix of promotional and fun, engaging, informational content. That way, your followers stay engaged and are more likely to trust you.

Lead Quality And Quantity

Source: WTWH Media

Be open to change

We all know that the only thing constant is change. If one of your lead generation campaigns worked well, don’t get stuck with it. Trends and behaviors change every hour and you can’t expect to keep getting the same results without evolving your lead generation tacts with the times. The best way to evolve is to keep trying A/B split testing to see what CTAs are getting better clicks, which landing page copy is converting better and which channels are bringing in more leads. Be open to experiment with layout changes, design, content, and advertising channels to figure out what your audience is liking the best.

In the end

The key to lead generation is always to keep trying. There’s no perfect plan, no right way of doing it. We can only help you with tips for lead generation that have proven to work. However, it is you who has to find out what is working for your business and constantly work on getting better at it. We can show you the direction, but you’d have to walk down the path yourself.