Top Influencer Marketing Tools That Brands Trust In 2023

Top Influencer Marketing Tools That Brands Trust In 2023



How can we forget everything the global pandemic changed? It wasn’t just about the world economy but industrial marketing methods too. Content creator’s and influencers’ talent for creating reactive content is what declined advertising by 20% and skyrocketed influencer marketing by 46%. That increase is gigantic, especially in just two years.


Why does influencer marketing work better as compared to a traditional paid advertisement? It is because of the good old concept of ‘word of mouth’ that people trust people. In other words, seeing other humans using the real product in real life and saying good things about it is one of the best ways to show social proof of any brand’s goodness.


Where influencer marketing was an industry of just $1.5 billion in 2017, it became $10.5 billion just by 2021. However, the growing numbers don’t promise safety which is why 67% of brands fall prey to fraud influencers. This failure rate could have been less if we had a fine solution for every influencer marketing hurdle.


No matter if you are a solopreneur or a part of your marketing team, fighting tooth and nail for the best leads is your daily job. Yet, doing it alone or even with a team may seem overwhelming because, no surprise, there are over 37.8 million influencers in the world (wow!) and it’s hard to find real collaboration in a dense market. That’s why there are tools on the internet that will take the load off your shoulder in no time.


So, down there are 8 best influencer marketing tools that will help you turbocharge the search, management, and dealing with influencers on every social media platform.


Let’s take a look.


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1.       AspireIQ


Millions of influencers out there, how to find the suitable ones? This is the biggest issue that makes every marketer step back from influencer marketing. AspireIQ comes to the rescue and makes things super clear for you. After all, it was listed as one of the best software for influencer marketing in 2020 by Forrester Research.


Out in the noisy world of Instagram models, professionals, and gurus, AspireIQ helps you pick valuable data, invite collaborations, and measure the results efficiently. While looking for databases, you will find different social media performance metrics like account interaction, exposure, previous successful collaboration, and much more.


AspireIQ is the best way to find genuine influencers because it tracks down social media accounts that have fraudulent traffic. Besides, it is integrated with other tools as well for a better user experience, such as HelloSign, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Needless to say, brands using this app can easily reach out to the influencers and use community-building functions to manage performance with up-to-date analytics.


Take it from companies like Glossier, Bombas, Newell, Coola, and other 400 brands that are using AspireIQ for their effortless influencer marketing experience.


2.       Buzzsumo


Next up, we have Buzzsumo, which is quite popular for its top-notch engagement, content creation, and outreach opportunities. Not many people know this, but Buzzsumo can be pretty handy when it comes to finding and reaching influencers, and maintaining a strong bond for your social media campaign.


When it comes to finding content creators for your social media promotions, Buzzsumo is the way to go. You can use keywords to find influencers or go a different way, for instance, knowing if they share similar content on their profile or how often do they work with your competitors. Once you have a list, you can go through each profile and see if they are relevant or not. Simply reach out to them, make a deal, and build a relationship with them.


On every published content about your brand, Buzzsumo will notify you. In fact, you can frequently scan social media platforms for regular updates, and it helps you analyze your performance by simply working with you.


3.       Heepsy


Here comes another exciting tool that focuses on helping you work with self-proclaimed influencers on apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Heepsy was launched back in 2017 with a view of making things easy, affordable, and just right for businesses of all sizes. No doubt, in just a few years, its user-friendly services are trusted by more than 10,000 companies worldwide, including popular names like Rolls Royce, Red Bull, FOX, and IKEA.


Heepsy holds the data of more than 11 million influencers, and you can search for your list using filters that are beyond exposure and demographic measures. Here’s an example, you can have specific insights about an influencer like estimated collaboration fees, their followers, and past brand collaborations. Besides, if you have your list, you can figure out insights about each influencer using Heepsy’s advanced features.


Before you start searching, know that Heepsy only tracks accounts that have no less than 5000 followers on Instagram and 1000 subscribers on YouTube. So, if you are someone who is targeting nano influencers, this may not be the one for you.


However, there is plenty of fish in the sea. Check out the next one.


4.       Grin


Want an eCom-focused tool for your specific needs? Grin can be your perfect fit. This one is the only tool in the market that works specifically with eCommerce companies.


You can simply find genuine influencers from over 32 million creators that are listed on Grin. Besides, you can use the app to create affiliate links and codes, send products, and do anything to build strong deals. Doing everything in one place? That’s such a relief.


As Grin is a fully eCommerce-integrated tool, it takes care of all logistics of shipping the products. Once your post goes live, leave it to Grin which helps you track and repurpose the reactions creators get on your posts. We can’t even begin talking about its features that analyze the performance based on factors you decide. It’s matchless.


5.       Upfluence


Another best all-in-one influencer marketing tool is Upfluence which makes your brand exposure campaign trouble-free. Under one roof of Upfluence, you can find the right influencers, reach out to them effortlessly, manage your campaign, and assess the worth of its effectiveness.


Upfluence holds the data of 3 million influencers, and you can sieve the good ones out using keywords like location, social network metrics, and language. Not just that, you can even find out what influencers’ latest post was about or how many people visit their profile on a monthly basis. This surely cuts down your time and efforts to actually go and search for their names every time you have to make a decision.


6.       NeoReach


Dialing down the tension to find sincere influencers is not enough to make a tool worth investing in. You need anything that can take care of that, along with taking the influencer-brand relationship seriously. NeoReach is an amazing tool for maintaining a direct relationship with creators, influencers, bloggers, and whoever you have on your list.


Trusted by big names like The New York Times, Amazon, and Airbnb, NeoReach surely has a team of dedicated professionals that are passionate about deriving better results through accurate analysis in every step of the campaign. Moreover, it works with you in the process of creation just to make sure that you scale your campaign with specified KPIs and metrics. Not to mention, it amplifies paid media strategies on the platform you use, along with useful resources.


7.       Tagger


Talk about the biggest influencer marketing tools, Tagger is what ranks as one of the top options. This is one reputed platform that not only assists you in finding and connecting with influencers from different platforms but also helps you connect with customers and brand fans deeply. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual influencer or a brand, you can get precise results after analyzing the real-time data.


Tagger is undoubtedly the best data-driven and highly oriented platform for anyone who is seeking a reliable tool for an unexpected influencer marketing experience. This indeed offers the best of its services to provide the best ROI (Return on Investment) to both brands and influencers. Its user-friendly interface and calculative experience are the reason why big brands like Bose, Ketchum, and Tinder are working with this software.


Since its launch in 2015, Tagger’s team has been focusing on, what we call, psychographics. They analyze the behavior of social media users and understand their interests and affinities to determine what content or strategy will bring the highest ROI possible. You will see the reports on your dashboard, which is quite intuitive for firms to understand and judge every marketing move.


8.       Pitchbox


Last but not least, we have Pitchbox as one outstanding influencer outreach and research tool. This tool mainly focuses on SEO teams, and, while anyone can use it, it is best for blog outreach instead of pitching out social media stars.


Finding influencers, or we would say bloggers, is super easy with Pitchbox. All you need to do is use a keyword to find the influencers in your industry and then filter them using pro SEO tools like SEMRush, Majestic, and Moz. That’s how you end up having authentic influencers for your campaign.


Finding influencers is one hard job, but getting leads is another level of hard. Pitchbox is here not only to help you send out personalized emails but also to ask for follow-ups using an automated system. No wonder, users claim that this tool has increased their email response rates by 62%. Amazing right? Try it out and see if it actually works.



Brands still hire a marketing team of hundreds of people just to work with influencer marketing the ‘traditional way.’ However, by the time you find your influencer using that search box on every social media, your competitors would climb the success really quickly. The only difference? Companies invest in tools to make their work blazing fast and error-free. Why should you compromise then?


You surely need the best, but if you ask us ‘what is the best tool for influencer marketing?‘ it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one option. It is because every brand has its unique preferences, expectations, and budget. So, it all depends on you to go with the tool that fits your requirements. All we can say is that the influencer marketing tools mention above are the right ones to choose from. The rest is up to you.


Heading out? There’s a lot more to know about influencer marketing that you’re yet to explore! Check out our all-encompassing guide on influencer marketing to learn all the ways and strategies of tackling influencers!